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25 April 2012 @ 10:55 am
!Rewatch - The Best of Peter Petrelli on heroes_faves  
These are the top 5 rated episodes for Peter Petrelli. Thanks for the input guys.

The Wall – 9
The Fifth Stage – 7
Genesis – 5
Five Years Gone – 5
How to Stop an Exploding Man – 2

We'll be starting our Rewatch with The Wall!

As before the Rewatch will be a week long event since we all live in different time zones, and we're busy people. We'll post the Offcial Rewatch thread soon.

The Milo bonus feature that was mentioned the most was Pathology. I'll post an entry for that movie in the future as well. Dr. Grey is so not Peter.

The next Rewatch will be the Best of Mohinder!

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